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Feb 28, 2014 4:00pm EST
they were kenned about president clinton's ability to of haul health care. the white house released over 4,000 pages of documents today. they included memos from staffers about hillary clinton's image at the time. she is the leading candidate for the white house and her potential run for the president has heightened interest in the files. >>> the streetcars are now energized by 750 volts of electricity. ddot has announced they have switched on the overhead lines that power the streetcars. they will stay energized as the crews are testing the cars on h street and northeast. and ddot is warning people to stay at least ten feet away from the live wires and don't try to touch those poles. >> this afternoon, representatives of gm are in town, and they are showing off their plans for the casino set to be built at national harbor, but not everybody is thrilled with the planned development. some residents want to make sure that his for the cal sites are being preserved. prince georges bureau chief tracee wilkins has the story. >> this is the new cite with the gm harbor casino is to be built
Feb 26, 2014 4:00pm EST
out the overnight morning temperatures. 10 degrees here, and mitchellville in clinton, dropping down to 17 degrees by tomorrow morning. we have even colder air in store before the week's over and more snow to talk about. all the details coming up in just a few. >> thank you. >>> d.c. mayor vincent gray is strongly defending his fire chief today despite calls for his resignation. several recent incidents of poor service are fueling those complaints including the death of a man who collapsed near a fire station and was ignored by firefighters. d.c. councilman tommy wells a candidate for mayor is calling for the chief and paul quander to resign. >> during the news conference, he supported both men and said wells was just playing for the primary >> i think it's a political trick. i'll be glad when april 1st comes and goes and then people will come back to some kind of santi with how they behave. >>> coming up , reaction to the mayor's opinion poll showing two-thirds of democrats think it's time for a new mayor. >>> getting ready to ease overcrowding on trains, today we learned there will
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2